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The issue of foreign language study for Americans is as old as America itself: in the final days of the American Revolution, John Adams and his peers....

Dr. Rivers, Executive Director of the Joint National Committee for Languages, on why foreign languages need advocacy. 

The report, which includes research and analysis from Dr. Davidson and the American Councils research team, provides a statistical portrait of the nation’s current language capacity.

Dr. Steven Byrd, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of New England shares why languages are far more than just tools of communication.

Multilingualism is not the global exception in the world: it’s the rule. In the United States, however, only about one-fourth of the population is meaningfully multilingual.

Right now, only about 10 percent of Americans study in a foreign country during school.

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of English Language Acquisition will hold a webinar on Tuesday, June 14 featuring research on dual language immersion.

Two-way language immersion programs (TWI) are increasingly embraced by educational systems across the country as a means of eliminating educational disparities. 

Whether your students are practicing their English, Spanish, Korean, German, or Arabic skills, learning a world language provides them with a gateway toward another world.


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