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We believe that international education should be accessible for all, and with your help it can be.

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Our scholarship funds and philanthropic initiatives strive to make international education accessible for all. 

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Become an ambassador of American culture and values by opening your home to an international exchange student. Your family deserves the world. 

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We are proud to consider more than 94,000 alumni of all experiences and industries as part of our global network. Your diversity only makes us stronger. No matter what type of program you participated in, we hope you'll share an update (or nominate a peer) to be featured on our website or other channels, or inform how we can better lend support in the future. You are proof that international education, no matter the shape it takes, yields incredible results. Let's stay in touch!

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Forum on Equity and Dual Language Immersion

The UCLA Civil Rights Project and American Councils Research Center convened, in December 2018, the first national dialogue on topics relating to equity in Dual Language Immersion (DLI). Funded by the Spencer Foundation, the forum included practitioners, policymakers, and researchers. This report summarizes the forum’s dialogue and recommendations. ARC Senior Fellow Dr. Robert Slater co-authored the report with Dr. Patricia Gandara at UCLA. Read the report.

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