EducationUSA advising centers provide international students with information on studying at American universities.

American Councils runs EducationUSA advising centers in 17 locations in Eurasia and Central Asia. These centers provide advising services, orientation, and information on opportunities for foreign students and scholars to study at American colleges and universities; the purpose of which is to increase student mobility between the United States and other countries by providing support to the worldwide EducationUSA network of advising centers.

Stateside, American Councils provides support to US university and college representatives by providing them with ease-of-access to the EducationUSA network and contact with the various advising centers throughout Eurasia and Central Asia. In support of EducationUSA fairs, American Councils coordinates fair logistics for visiting representatives, including additional local services within the target region.

Funded by

US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

Program Funding

Fully funded


International high school, college, and graduate students