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Mariyam learned about grassroots initiatives as an exchange student six years ago. She’s been using those skills in her home community in Pakistan ever since, and this year, she mentored the latest group of exchange students who will soon return home to apply their own skills.

The camp offers exchange program semi-finalists two weeks of intensive English training and preparation before their academic year abroad in the United States, and last month the camp included a visit from U.S. Ambassador to Senegal, Dr. Tulibano Mushingi. 

"When I was 11, I remember waking up one morning to the sound of joy in my house. My father was listening to BBC News on his small, gray radio. There was a big smile on his face, which was unusual then, because the news mostly depressed him. "The Taliban are gone!" my father shouted. I didn't know what it meant, but I could see that my father was very, very happy."

Officials are hopeful about an uptick in Americans attending university in Belarus, following a three-day education workshop.

BACAU, Romania – American Councils for International Education won two national awards last week at the Romanian Youth Gala.

American Councils Romania earned second place in the cultural category for the 2017 Elie Wiesel Study Tour, which shared Holocaust-era history with a group of students. The tour also won a special award for combatting discrimination and promoting gender equality.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports in Romania each year honors projects that support youth around the country. This year, there were more than 100 entries in the competition.

At the recent U.S.-Uzbekistan Business Forum, Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted his desire for collaboration between American Councils, the Uzbek Ministry of Higher Education, and the Uzbek Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Exchange programs come in variety of forms, from high school or college students to researchers and professionals—including entrepreneurs. 

American Councils Armenia hosted a group of students from Warren Wilson College (Asheville, NC) to explore the natural beauty and burgeoning ecotourism industry in Armenia.

A hidden benefit to having over 400 staff located in 30+ countries—and more than 75,000 alumni in 80+ countries—is always having plenty of insider tips when it comes to travel. 


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