American Councils and Qatar Foundation International Join Efforts to Support Global Education

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American Councils for International Education (AC) and Qatar Foundation International (QFI), a grant-making organization based in the US, announced a collaboration to advance their goals of global education via world language education and to strengthen the study and teaching of Arabic language and cultures in the US.

Joining forces, AC and QFI will collaborate on and further joint educational, research, and training goals that benefit the missions of both organizations regarding the study and teaching of Arabic language and cultures, and of modern language education.

"The partnership between QFI and American Councils represents not only the shared goals of our organizations, but the changing demographics of the US wherein one of every five Americans speak a language other than English at home," said American Councils President and CEO Dan E. Davidson, PhD.

"Of those languages, Arabic is one of the fastest-growing," said Dr. Davidson. "We look forward to our joint efforts to bring forth greater understanding about Arabic language and culture, as well as to further extend access to educational opportunities to learn Arabic as well as to measure the language proficiency of those students."

Initiating the partnership, AC will participate in QFI's inaugural Arabic K-16 Forum, leading sessions for K-16 Arabic educators on promoting world language education and public awareness.

During the Forum, American Councils' Ken Petersen, PhD, will present about the National Examinations in World Languages (NEWL), language assessment exams endorsed by the College Board and available to students of Arabic. NEWL scores may be submitted for college credit or placement.

AC and QFI's partnership will further communications efforts, like AC's #LanguageMatters and QFI's #ISpeakArabic campaigns, to promote Arabic language learning amongst Americans. In addition, the collaboration will celebrate QFI's continued support of teacher professional development and the expansion and improvement of Arabic language education in the US. 

"We are thrilled to expand our network and join forces with American Councils," said Maggie Mitchell Salem, QFI Executive Director. "Sharing global expertise and unique perspectives are an essential step to evolve as we strive to connect young people in the Americas with quality language and culture programs and produce competent and responsible global citizens."

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