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Afghan Alumni Engagement

American Councils for International Education is honored to continue its efforts to provide peaceful educational activities to Afghans through Afghan Alumni Engagement (AAE) programming, funded by the Public Diplomacy Section (PDS) of the U.S. Department of State, Mission to Afghanistan.   

AAE aims to help Afghan alumni connect with each other and with alumni in other countries, as well as broader networks in the U.S., Central and South Asia, and other places. Alumni, who number over 10,000 come from programs such as (but not limited to) Fulbright, the International Visitor Leadership Program, academic exchanges, university scholarships, English language and youth leadership programs, and many more. Alumni represent a diverse group of former government and civil society and private sector leaders and professionals, as well as youth, students, and emerging influencers with the potential to shape Afghanistan's future. 

Afghan Alumni Engagement programming contributes to five key objectives: 

  • Enhancing communication and coordination among exchange program alumni on priority topics, 

  • Helping individual alumni deliver security-sensitive community projects through small grants, 

  • Encouraging mentorship and professional networking among Afghans in Afghanistan and in communities where they live,  

  • Gathering and sharing information about alumni contributions to their communities, reflecting U.S. policy priorities, and 

  • Providing a safe space for self-expression and developing cultural appreciation for Afghan alumni.  

For more than 18 years, American Councils has been at the forefront of organizing educational and professional programs for Afghans who aspire to bring about positive changes in our world.  Recent programs for Afghans have included the Leadership and English Advancement Program (LEAP) and the Afghanistan University Student Exchange Program/ United States English Teaching Program (AUSEP/USET).  The total number of Afghan alumni who have benefited from these and other programs administered by American Councils is approximately 1,500.