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The National Examinations in World Languages (NEWL) is an online proficiency exam for language learners of Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian seeking college placement and/or credit.

Dates, Deadlines, and Fees

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Exam Registration Dates

Exam Registration Opens Registration Closes
Main and Late Testing December 1, 2019 May 10, 2020

Exam Administration Dates

(Start time for all exams is 9AM, your local time)

Languages Exam Late Testing
Korean May 25, 2020 June 22, 2020
Arabic May 27, 2020 June 22, 2020
Portuguese May 29 & June 1, 2020 June 22, 2020
Russian June 3 & 4, 2020 June 22, 2020

Please NoteFor the 2020 Administration NEWL will offer an additional exam window option for all languages on Monday, June 22, 2020 (9AM-5PM EST). Please complete an application and email if you intend to test on this date.

Duration of the Exam

For information on test sections and times please see About NEWL

Lab Setup Dates

(setup is required at each testing center)

Exam Lab Setup Week
Practice and Makeup January 27, 2020
Main and Late Testing May 25-June 22, 2020

Exam Fees

Exam Fees Refund Request Date
Practice $29 June 30, 2020
Makeup (Practice) $15 + Practice fee June 30, 2020
Main $94 June 30, 2020
Late Testing $45 + Main fee June 30, 2020
Reduced $53 June 30, 2020

International Exam Fees

Exam Fees Refund Request Date
Practice $38 June 30, 2020
Makeup (Practice) $15 + Practice fee June 30, 2020
Main $124 June 30, 2020
Late Testing $45 + Main fee June 30, 2020

How to Apply

Schools with examinees interested in taking NEWL exams can submit an online application form by clicking here.

Once the applications are received by AC, the registrant will be notified via email. The registrant will be the person responsible for coordinating and submitting payment and/ or registering examinees in the online registration system. The registrant is the point of contact for the school and must handle confidential examinee information. The AP Coordinator or examinee's language teacher may be registrants.

The online registration system uses a familiar spreadsheet-style data input format so that you can easily register examinees for the exam.

Please be sure to use the examinees' full names, as they will appear on the formal score reports. Examinee email addresses must be valid (and regularly checked) up to December 1, 2020.

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There are several payment options available. The most convenient is through the integrated registration payment system powered by PayPal. Once the examinee roster is entered online, the registrant can pay the fee or send each student an invoice so they may pay for themselves at any time during the registration period. Here is a list of payment options the registrant/ students can chose using the integrated payment system:

Credit/Debit:  Does not require PayPal account.

This charge will appear on your credit card statement as a payment to PAYPAL * AC TESTING. When making a payment via PayPal, please notify the finance department in your school of any credit card charges in advance, so they do not request for a chargeback. Resolving chargebacks takes a significant amount of time for both parties, so notifying finance staff in advance will avoid complications. NOTIFY YOUR FINANCE DEPARTMENT OF ANY CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS. Payment status will show next to each examinee's name. PayPal approves payments in real-time and payment status updates upon successful completion of that transaction.

Reduced Fee

American Councils will provide a fee reduction for the main exam for individuals with financial need. Thus, the reduced cost of the NEWL exam will be $53 per examinee. Please complete and submit the reduced fee form for each student who will receive the reduced fee. It is the registrants' responsibility to submit this request to American Councils by April 30, 2020. For eligibility criteria and requirements please see pages two and three of the reduced fee form.

Late Testing

Late testing is scheduled for June 22, 2020. Only those who are affected by specific circumstances as those put forth by the College Board will be allowed to take the exam on the late testing date. This should be communicated with AC by April 30, 2020. When the cause of late testing is generally beyond the control of the school and the examinees, there is no additional fee. In other instances, however, when schools or examinee have a choice between testing on the scheduled date and requesting the alternate date, examinees will be charged an additional fee of $45.

Score Reports

Practice/Makeup: Available within two weeks from the date of the administration.

Main/Late Testing Current year exam reports will be available as follows:

  • Practice/Make-up results: February 14, 2020
  • Main/Late testing score reports: August 10, 2020

Examinees and teachers will be notified via email once the score reports are available. The examinees must confirm their name, school, and email address before being able to access the score reports.

Score Reports to Colleges, Universities and Other Institutions

The main exam fee includes the cost of one report sent to a college or university of the examinee's choice. Additional requests will be charged a processing fee: $15 for a regular report and $32 for an expedited one. All regular score report requests will take 5-7 business days to process and mail to the school(s). Expedited reports will be sent using an overnight postal service.

The examinee must submit the Score Report Request form to American Councils.

Exam Accommodations

The Registrant or the examinee may submit a request to American Councils for exam accommodations. The school must verify the request and the need for accommodations. The registrant must submit the Accommodation Eligibility request to American Councils by April 30, 2020.

Examinee Language Content

Appropriate conduct and language is expected of all examinees participating in NEWL. Any use of inappropriate language on any section of the exam will invalidate the entire exam. No score report will be issued. Inappropriate language includes offensive language or topics in either the speaking or writing section of the exam.

Refund Policy

If the examinee pays for the exam but ends up not taking it, a refund can be requested. Please note that there will be a $15 unused exam fee. To receive a refund, the registrant must submit a Refund Request form to American Councils no later than June 30, 2020. No portion of the fee is refundable if the examinee has taken any sections of the exam.

Posting NEWL Exam Information and Documents on School Websites

Any document and/or information pertaining to NEWL exams are the intellectual property of American Councils for International Education and may not be used without its permission in writing. In cases where materials or information about NEWL is shared by an entity other than American Councils, proper credit to both American Councils and the NEWL website must be referenced.

Exam information posted on school websites must have authorization from American Councils.

This includes exam information that American Councils sends to you and exam information created by school administrators/ teachers. While we encourage the sharing of exam information with parents, examinees, and administrators, exam information posted online must be approved by AC. This is to ensure that all information made available to the public is correct and in accordance with AC requirements. This is also to provide the most updated and relevant information pertaining to the current year's exam.

In order to avoid unauthorized postings, AC makes available the NEWL exam documents on its website

We encourage you to post this link on your school's website and/or share it with parents, examinees, and administrators. Please note that it would be a violation of the copyright law if you decided to copy the information and make it available on any other website without authorization from AC.

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