Huawei's 'Seeds for the Future' Program Launches in US

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20 students at American universities have been selected to travel to China for cutting-edge ICT training and cultural exchange.

Huawei today announced that it has completed the selection of 20 university students who will participate in its groundbreaking "Seeds for the Future" education program, which will be offered in the US for the first time this year, in partnership with the American Councils for International Education. The program, which involves a two-week cultural and work experience trip to China from July 29 to August 12, is designed to support STEM education in the US by bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills, and promoting a greater understanding of the global technology industry through cross-cultural experiences.

"After launching successful programs in other parts of the world, we are very excited to bring our flagship educational program to the US and help prepare American students for a thriving career in ICT," said Bill Plummer, Vice President, External Affairs at Huawei USA. "Today's global technology market is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Through Seeds for the Future, we intend to meet the demands of this rapidly-changing business environment and help close the global skills gap by developing local ICT talent in the countries we operate and providing students with the experiences they need to thrive in a digital economy."

Students selected for "Seeds for the Future" will be given first-hand learning opportunities through interactions with Huawei staff and visits to Huawei laboratories, where they will witness live demonstrations of advanced communications technologies, such as 5G, LTE, and cloud computing. In addition to gaining an understanding of the latest skills needed to be successful in ICT, they will have the opportunity to experience Chinese culture and language by taking Chinese classes and visiting major tourist attractions such as the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.

The application deadline to participate in the program was May 1, 2016. Huawei and the American Councils for International Education received over 150 applications from university students across the US The students who will take part in the program's inaugural year come from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of academic institutions including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Washington, University of Alabama, Pennsylvania State University, University of Kansas, University of Nebraska-Omaha, and Stanford University.

"As I enter my third year at Penn State, I'm eager to explore opportunities in the security and risk sector, and put my passion for learning Chinese into action," said Caleb Kitchen, Seeds for the Future student. "The Seeds for the Future program allows me to see how a telecommunications giant like Huawei works in a global marketplace. This is a hands-on opportunity that a lot of students don't have the chance to participate in and for that, I'm grateful. I'm most excited to network and expand my knowledge of how the company works internationally, since I've primarily had US-based marketplace experience thus far."

Huawei has long supported STEM education around the world through partnerships with educational institutions and various initiatives aimed at improving digital skills. In 2015 alone, Huawei arranged for 77 student groups from over 60 countries to visit China. In the US, Huawei invests about $10 million per year in research and collaboration programs, and works with distinguished ICT experts at 50 universities including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), New York University (NYU), Yale University, Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin, University of California at Berkeley, and North Carolina State University, as part of its open innovation research model.

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