Open World

Open World

Funded by US Congress and administered by the Open World Leadership Center, Open World brings emerging leaders from Eurasia to the US for professional exchange.

Funded by US Congress and administered by the Open World Leadership Center, the Open World Program brings emerging leaders from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Uzbekistan to the United States for 10 days of intensive exchange with their professional counterparts.

Open World topics have included accountable governance, Women as Leaders, NGO development and management, public health, economic development, and the environment. In addition, Open World has sponsored visits by members of several parliaments and has an ongoing Rule of Law component, which brings Eurasian judges to the US to learn about the American judicial system.

Unlike many exchange programs, Open World participation is limited to individuals nominated for having shown leadership in their field. In addition to their professional achievements, the typical participant is about 35 years old, comes from a regional city, and holds an advanced degree. Knowledge of English is not required for participation in the program, and preference is given to those who have never visited the United States.

Since its launch in 1999, nearly 23,000 individuals from a wide variety of professional fields have traveled to over 2,000 communities in all 50 states to meet and share knowledge with their professional colleagues, and to learn about life in America. American Councils is a proud logistics partner for Open World.

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Funded by

The United States Congress; Administered by the Open World Leadership Center

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