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American Language Center (ALC) Expands English Education Program Across Moldovan Governmental Institutions

Moldovan Flag with Text "American Language Center Expands English Education Program Across Moldovan Governmental Institutions"

Chisinau, Moldova – American Councils for International Education is proud to announce a collaboration between the American Language Center (ALC), a division of our office in the Republic of Moldova, and the country’s government. The collaboration builds on a successful two-year partnership with the State Chancellery that grants the ALC additional agreements to provide specialized English language training to ten government institutions. 

This expansion includes new English programs at the Parliament of Moldova, the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization, the Ministry of Culture, the State Fiscal Authority, the State Chancellery, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Agency for Transportation, the Organization for the Development of Entrepreneurs, and the Agency for Intervention and Payments in Agriculture. The initiative underpins Moldova’s strategic focus on enhancing English proficiency among all ministries as part of its European Union (EU) integration efforts.  

With over 14,000 graduates from Moldova and around the world, and two decades of educational expertise, the ALC is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Moldova and conducts courses in-person and online to maximize convenience for its language learners. The ALC is committed to preparing students and professionals to become global citizens, adept at addressing international challenges through proficient communication in English. Since its founding in 1998, the ALC has offered innovative and experiential learning methods across a range of language courses from beginner to advanced levels, including preparation for various international exams including, TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge tests. Beyond language courses, the ALC is committed to fostering a community through activities like discussion groups with native speakers, Movie Nights, and the Spelling Bee competition. 

For more information about the American Language Center (ALC), please visit https://alc.md/