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American Councils Announces the Promotion of 23 Staff Members

American Councils Staff Promotions Header

American Councils is pleased to announce the promotion of 23 individuals across 14 departments at the Washington, DC headquarters. This exceptional group from across the organization have made meaningful contributions to the growth and success of American Councils, some for more than 30 years. These dedicated individuals demonstrate expertise in their respective roles, helping to drive our longstanding commitment to public diplomacy, study abroad, and language acquisition.  

The promotions reflect our commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence, as well as fostering professional growth and development at American Councils. Each promoted individual demonstrates leadership and dedication to our cause, and we are proud to see them take on new responsibilities and challenges.  

These promotions include the following four individuals on the Senior Leadership Team, among the top management positions at American Councils: 

  • Michael Curtis, Executive Vice President, Strategic Development 
  • Carter Johnson, Regional Director for Russia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania 
  • Lauren Makaleev, Director of Alumni Programs 
  • Catharine Wilson, Managing Director, Teaching and Learning Programs 

Additional promotions include: 

  • Zalmai Attarpoor, Program Manager, Afghan Initiatives, Field Operations and Programs 
  • Pachiya Bunyanupap, Assistant Operations Manager, Data Hub 
  • Rebecca Davis, Senior Operations Analyst, AIS Operations and Development 
  • Elaine Difrancesco, Program Officer, International Student Support 
  • Preston Fausett, Senior Program Officer, Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program 
  • Valerie Frank, Senior Director, Secondary Schools Programs 
  • Lauren Gieseke, Assistant Program Manager, Outreach, Capacity, and Support, International Student Support 
  • Netta Kaplan, Program Associate, Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program 
  • Sharon Kerekes, Assistant Operations Manager, Enhancement Programs 
  • Anna Patton, Operations Manager, Enhancement Programs 
  • Kate Phelan-Calvillo, Senior Project Manager, UUTI Project 
  • Sherri Powar, Senior Director, Program and Business Development 
  • Leslie Ryan, Senior Director, New Business Development 
  • Camryn Viola, Senior Communications & Advancement Officer, Strategic Development 
  • Skye Wallace Henry, Senior Program Manager, YES and FLEX Abroad 
  • Raisa Wells, Senior Program Officer, Enhancement Programs 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each of the promoted individuals and express our gratitude for their hard work, dedication, and passion for American Councils' mission.