American Councils Tajikistan Organizes USANT Regional Conference in Khatlon

USANT Regional Conference Group Picture

On May 15, American Councils for International Education staff from the office in Tajikistan organized the U.S. Alumni Network of Tajikistan (USANT) regional conference in Khatlon. Coinciding with International Family Day, the USANT conference focused on addressing the issues of family breakdown, domestic violence, and gender-based violence. The event aimed to unite efforts in combating these pressing issues and was attended by 52 participants from diverse fields including civil society organizations, local authorities, experts, and activists.

The conference featured panel discussions led by experts covering topics such as the impact of gender-based violence on children, psychological and economic support for women, and strengthening family relationships. Participants engaged in extensive discussions, shared experiences, and developed recommendations for enhancing support systems and preventive measures.

American Councils Tajikistan Staff at USANT Regional Conference

The conference featured three panel discussions. The first focused on the prevention of gender-based violence and its impact on children's development. The list of speakers included representatives from government sectors and NGOs, discussing a range of topics from prevention strategies to the role of education and cultural influences on family dynamics.

The second panel tackled the topic of psychological and economic support for women in fostering happy families. Professionals working with victims of domestic violence led this discussion, addressing the need for enhanced support services and the role of economic independence in reducing violence.

The third panel explored strengthening family relationships and values, with participation from community leaders and media representatives. Discussions delved into the impact of globalization on family values and strategies for promoting positive family practices.

Following the conference, participants formulated recommendations for combating gender-based violence and supporting families. These initiatives included educational programs, awareness campaigns, and the establishment of support services, with collaboration from relevant organizations and stakeholders that would help ensure positive outcomes.

The conference was made possible through collaboration with several key organizations and constituencies whose involvement was essential. These included the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, the Department of Women and Family Affairs of Khatlon region, Innovations LAB, and other essential partners. The implementation of recommendations from the event marks a significant step forward in strengthening family institutions, protecting victims' rights, and reducing domestic violence.

U.S.-Alumni Network of Tajikistan (USANT) joins more than 7,000 alumni of U.S. government-funded and U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs, supports and strengthens their bonds with each other, and provides opportunities to work together to solve social and economic issues in Tajikistan through mentorship, innovative capacity building programs, the implementation of joint projects. USANT was created in 2019 by the U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan, with funding provided by the U.S. Government and implemented by the National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan (NABWT) 2019-2023. American Councils has implemented USANT since October 2023.