Philanthropic Initiatives

Philanthropic Initiatives
My child now sees past all the old stigmas and attitudes of others.

A Parent in Wyoming

Of the 10 percent of American students who study abroad, half go to Western Europe on what often equates to a semester-long vacation. 

Our scholars are different. They immerse themselves in the local environment and live with host families. They sign contracts promising to use only the local language. Our scholars represent the best of America. Help us send more of our best abroad.

This #GivingTuesday through the end of the year, all donations through our Facebook fundraiser will support the Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund. If you would like to donate to another fund, please indicate the name in the "comments" box via the donation link below. Thank you!


Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund
American students that study abroad often fail to mirror the diversity of the US at large. This fund supports traditionally underserved and disadvantaged segments of the US population, because international education is for everyone.

Dr. Dan E. Davidson Fellowship
The legacy of Dr. Dan E. Davidson, AC president emeritus, continues through this fund. Designated for scholars and academics, this fellowship supports Americans engaged in the study of less commonly taught and critical languages, as well as field research and area studies in some of the world’s most strategically important regions.

Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF)
Established in 2004, this fund is dedicated to the long-term economic development of Kosovo through the education of its most promising youth and professionals. Fully-funded fellowships support Kosovo’s young leaders, who are able to attend top-level US universities. Upon completing their graduate studies, fellows return home to utilize the tools and skills gained to generate sustainable, positive change in Kosovo.

Youth Exchange and Global Citizenship
The US government sponsors cultural exchange programs as a key aspect of its foreign policy and diplomacy efforts, yet only a small portion of applicants are awarded opportunities. Help us expand global citizenship: support our next generation of leaders, in the US and abroad, through contributions for youth exchange and citizen diplomacy efforts.

Fund for the Future
Support our mission to foster international exchange in vital regions of the world in order to strengthen security, build prosperity, and promote peace.

Taiwan Abroad Scholarship
This fund supports American undergraduate and graduate students. Donations help to prepare our next generation of global leaders with a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the Chinese language. Students are immersed in Mandarin, a critical world language, in the culturally rich and diverse setting of Taiwan.

General donations also help us maximize efforts where they are needed most.