Olympiada of Spoken Russian

The Olympiada competition is the oldest of all the American Councils’ secondary school activities, dating to the 1960s. Drawing on the long-established practice of oral exams and competitions within the Russian educational system, the ACTR-sponsored Olympiada contests in the United States have provided a forum for successive generations of U.S. high school students of Russian to demonstrate excellence in Russian language, and to test their knowledge of spoken Russian in open competitions. Students may earn gold, silver or bronze medals for demonstrating proficiency at their level of study.

In addition, every third or fourth year an International Olympiada contest is convened in Moscow. Students of Russian from around the world, winners of the Olympiadas in their respective countries, gather in Moscow to compete for international medals, as well as to engage in a rich program of cultural activities, performances, and sightseeing in Moscow.

For more information regarding the Olympiada, please visit ACTR's website here.


High school and middle school students of Russian


$6 per student. 

Funded By:

American Council of Teachers of Russian