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Master’s and Internship Program (MIP)

The Master’s and Internship Program (MIP) was established in 2016 by the Albanian – American Development Foundation (AADF), to provide young Albanian professionals, future leaders, and managers a unique opportunity for master's degrees and professional internships in the fields of agriculture, business administration, heritage, eco-tourism and hospitality, education, information technology and computer science, public health, public policy, and public administration.

Furthering the mission of AADF–to facilitate the development of a sustainable economy and a democratic society in Albania–these fellowships are designed for young and mid-career professionals who are committed to meeting the challenges of the future, and are dedicated to contributing the development of these fields in Albania. In 2018, American Councils for International Education began implementing the graduate fellowship program in the US, which is co-funded with the Biberaj Foundation.


Funded by

Albanian – American Development Foundation (AADF)

Biberaj Foundation

Program Funding
Fully funded

Graduate students from Albania