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An Update on the Emergency Support for Ukraine Initiative

August 11, 2022
The American Councils Emergency Support for Ukraine Initiative was launched in March of 2022 to provide support to alumni of our programs in Ukraine, their families, and communities. Over the last several months, American Councils has distributed this humanitarian aid to programs across Ukraine through our network of alumni and partners. American Councils denounces Russia’s war on Ukraine and its atrocities and hopes the projects highlighted here bring some stability and hope to those who are impacted by this conflict.

Enhancing Assistance to Internally Displaced People in Lviv

Computer equipment secured by Olena Gunko at the Lviv Open Lab
Computer equipment secured by Olena Gunko at the
Lviv Open Lab

With assistance from the initiative, Olena Gunko, an alumna of the Professional Fellows Program (PFP),  recently secured resources for internally displaced people living in Lviv. Through her works as a Director of Information Technology for the Lviv City Council, Olena used the funds to purchase computer equipment to facilitate communication, legal, educational, and employment assistance for forcibly displaced Ukrainians. The project has aided the integration of displaced citizens into Lviv, which has housed hundreds of thousands of refugees since the beginning of the war.

With the large population of displaced people in Lviv, this equipment has become essential to the operations of the Lviv Open Lab and MoloDvizh Center, which specialize in support for younger populations and has seen their visitors more than double since the start of the war to over 1,000 people monthly. The Lviv Open Lab and MoloDvizh Center were opened by Olena’s team at the Lviv City Council and visitors are provided with access to the internet, computers, webcams, and printers for free. “We are convinced that this initiative will gain popularity among visitors to youth centers, promote integration and future employment of citizens who have moved to the territory of the Lviv community,” says Olena. “We are sincerely grateful to the organization American Councils for International Education for supporting this initiative.”

Delivering Critical Medicines to the Most Vulnerable Populations

Some of the many medical supplies purchased by Khrystyna Rybachok
Some of the many medical supplies purchased by
Khrystyna Rybachok

In Kharkiv, Khrystyna Rybachok, also a PFP alumna, purchased medicine and supplies for hospitals experiencing a shortage in resources. Working with the NGO Vatra, Khrystyna’s team bought antibiotics, painkillers, bandages, and other supplies to treat civilians, children, and elderly people in need. Medical supplies were also distributed across the cities of Serevodonetsk, Lysychansk, and Zaporizhya—regions with the highest number of wounded civilians. “These medicines and support helped to provide the proper aid to many people,” says Khrystyna. “Thank you to American Councils for providing this very much-needed support and for your trust in the alumni for managing them.”

American Councils is incredibly grateful for the community support implemented by these generous alumni, as well as the many individuals who contributed resources and time to the Emergency Support for Ukraine Initiative. Thank you, also, to the many individuals who have made donations to this campaign to provide essential aid to Ukraine and its citizens affected by the war. The PFP program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

By contributing to the American Councils Emergency Support for Ukraine Initiative, your U.S. tax-deductible donation will directly benefit efforts led by American Councils and the alumni of the educational and public diplomacy programs it administers to provide humanitarian support to those in Ukraine as well as refugees in Poland, Moldova, and elsewhere. Please contribute to the Emergency Support for Ukraine Initiative today to fund more projects like those produced by Olena and Khrystyna at