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Reaching out to Youth in Rural Kyrgyzstan

September 20, 2016
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US-Central Asian Foundation alumnus Kuttubek launched a summer camp for students in a rural community in his native Kyrgyzstan. 

By Kuttubek Rakhmanberdiev, US-Central Asian Education Foundation (US-CAEF) alumnus

In this rapidly changing world and this age of increasingly globalized technologies, education has become available practically to anyone who wants to study. Now youth from developing countries, including Kyrgyzstan, can study at leading world universities and work at big international companies. However, many young people in remote provincial regions of our country still do not have enough information about these opportunities.

Therefore, together with a US-CAEF fellow, Aizhan Kerimbekkyzy, and an American University of Central Asia student, Begimai Amantaeva, I organized a 10-day educational summer camp in July for secondary school students in Talas, a small town located in the Talas Valley in northwestern Kyrgyzstan, cut off from the other Kyrgyz regions by a chain of mountains.

The main goal of our summer camp was to motivate our participants to dream big and to work very hard to realize their dreams. We told students about different academic opportunities and taught them how to set goals, manage their time effectively, and write motivational letters. At the end of the camp, I noticed that our participants became more self-confident and motivated to study hard. Most importantly, we managed to build a networking platform for participants: students have created a group chat through WhatsApp that allows them to stay in touch and exchange information. We were proud to find out that the group now meets regularly to discuss common issues and arranges workshops for other children.

While organizing our camp, we faced many difficulties. The main challenge was the lack of financial support. Therefore we had to sell tickets, which was quite challenging. However, using our marketing skills, we were able to attract 35 participants. We also gained a huge amount of experience by partnering with local businesses, NGOs, and US Peace Corps volunteers. This was truly a great learning experience that taught us many vital skills. In the future, we are planning to organize similar camps in every region of our country by using our new modified format and content.

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