Across the Globe

AC Insights: Top 10 Exchange Essentials

December 21, 2018

Editor's note: We polled our staff all over the world about what to bring on exchange. The submissions ranged from snacks to mindsets. (Almost everyone mentioned having an open mind, an absolute exchange essential!)

Here is our top ten list:

1. A good pair of shoes for exploring.

2. Small doses of familiar flavors (spices, food mixes, etc.) to share with your host community--or to help combat homesickness.

3. Measuring cups! It makes baking for your host family and friends so much easier since most of the world outside of the US doesn't use them.

4. Hot sauce.

5. Gifts! Something from your country that is dear to your heart and represents your culture, like a memento that can be used on a daily basis and remind people about you.

6. Adapter, adapter, adapter.

7. Always bring a suit and tie or another nice outfit. You never know what events you will be invited to.

8. Your library card login information. You can use your home library to download e-books in your native language while you’re away.

9. Traditional clothes.

10. Peanut butter and a photo album. We all have family (nuclear and chosen), so it's an easy and beautiful connector.