Village on South Tarawa atoll, Kiribati, Gilbert islands, Micronesia, Oceania. Thatched roof houses. Rural life, a remote paradise island under palms


Located in the Central Pacific Ocean, approximately 2,500 miles southwest of Hawai'i, lies the Republic of Kiribati, an archipelago nation in Micronesia. South Tarawa, the capital city, accommodates half of Kiribati's population. Despite its breathtaking beauty, Kiribati faces challenges, particularly in providing adequate job opportunities for its significant youth population. The demand for training and skill enhancement far surpasses the available opportunities, prompting many I-Kiribati youth to seek work-readiness skills that facilitate their employment prospects both locally and internationally. 

In 2024, American Councils opened its Kiribati office alongside the launch of the Kiribati Threshold Program. The MCC-Kiribati Threshold Program is a partnership between the U.S.  Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Kiribati. The funds are provided by the American people and seek to enhance economic opportunities for the people of Kiribati.

American Councils for International Education serves as the Implementing Partner for the Uaiakinan ao Uarokoan Toronibwaia I-Kiribati Activity (the “UUTI Activity”) – Youth Skills Camps and Scholarships in cooperation with the Kiribati Ministry of Education. This activity of the Kiribati Threshold Project aims to develop work-readiness skills among I-Kiribati students, offering transformative opportunities for international exposure and skill acquisition. The UUTI Activity aims to equip I-Kiribati youth with critical work readiness skills such as basic computer usage, oral and written communication, workplace behavior, and English language skills to enhance their preparedness and competitiveness in the international labor market.

American Councils’ commitment extends to providing three distinct types of specialized study opportunities for I-Kiribati high school students: (1) intensive 3-week youth skills camps in Fiji, (2) intensive 4-week youth skills camps in the United States, and (3) year-long scholarships at high schools in the United States. Through these opportunities, American Councils aims to create a pathway for personal and professional growth, ensuring that the youth of Kiribati are well-prepared for success on the international stage.