Professional Training

American Councils works with professionals, governments, and organizations that recognize the value of communicating across cultures in a global marketplace. We have offered entrepreneurship workshops, hosted professional delegations, established international innovation corridors, and organized training programs for international leaders in various fields and industry.

Leadership Training
American Councils’ exchange and training programs, seminars, grants for program alumni, mentorship, and publications promote personal and professional growth. Serving a wide range of age groups, individual profiles, and professions, these initiatives catalyze results in business, government, and community service by providing tools and connections to local, national, and international networks.

Global Internships
Through our extensive global network, American Councils offers substantive work experiences in numerous overseas locations. Our internships are tailored to the career goals of each participant. Our staff provide on-the-ground support and mentoring, and our online educational modules enhance participants’ experiential learning. Contact our Higher Ed Team to learn more.

Fellowship and Scholarship Administration
American Councils has worked with dozens of public and private sector partners to design and administer scholarship opportunities for graduate students. Our services are tailored to meet the sponsor’s needs and can include recruitment, selection, placement, support, monitoring, crisis management, evaluation, reporting, and publicity. 

Programs draw upon select practical and analytical materials that American Councils has developed and compiled; including those housed in our Education Leadership Library