We are building a world of globally competent citizens, successful institutions, and responsible nations. Learn how we can fulfill that vision together through our services and capabilities.

International Exchanges

American Councils designs and administers cultural exchange and language immersion programs. These programs are for high school students, college students, and professionals in the United States and over 85 countries.

Language Assessment

American Councils works with institutional and academic partners to design and conduct large-scale, high-stakes language assessments. We currently offer language proficiency exams in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian. Endorsed by The College Board®, The National Examinations in World Languages are web-based language assessments in several critical languages.

Professional Training

American Councils works with organizations and institutions that recognize the value of communicating across cultures in a global marketplace. We have offered entrepreneurship workshops, hosted professional delegations, established international innovation corridors, and organized training programs for international leaders in various fields and industry. 


American Councils' research expertise spans the fields of international education, study abroad, standardized testing, and foreign language study. Our research team is also responsible for all evaluation and assessment of American Councils’ programs.