American Councils' research expertise spans the fields of international education, study abroad, standardized testing, and foreign language study. Our research team is also responsible for all evaluation and assessment of American Councils’ programs.

American Councils Research Center (ARC)
ARC, the research arm of American Councils, seeks to expand the pool of policy-relevant data and research available to decision-makers at all levels who are concerned with language in education and the workplace. ARC is distinguished from other research efforts by its focus on world languages: their acquisition, application, and relevance in today’s world. ARC addresses central issues in U.S. language policy with a global perspective to research and policy formation by providing data and new analyses related to language learning, including the impact of a second language on educational achievement and performance in the workplace. Learn about ARC here

Graduate and Post-Graduate Research 
For over three decades, American Councils has administered grants in support of research in a range of disciplines and geographies. Through our strong presence overseas and a network of scholars and institutional partners, we connect grantees with the resources they need to achieve their research goals. For more information, visit our Research Fellowships' website.

Second-Language Acquisition Research
As a thought leader in the study and teaching of world languages, American Councils conducts funded research and invests its own resources in identifying and tracking best practices in adult second-language learning and instruction. We collect and analyze data in the areas of immersion learning, advanced-acquisition, program performance, and curricula, instructional, and co-curricular interventions in order to understand successful drivers of advanced and professional-level language proficiency and cross-cultural competencies. American Councils' research is widely represented in major U.S. and international academic journals, as well as in study abroad and international education literature.