Arabic Overseas Flagship

Arabic Overseas Flagship

Students receive intensive Arabic language instruction in Morocco.

The Language Flagship is a national effort to change the way Americans learn languages. Flagship offers pathways for students of all academic majors and language levels to pursue advanced-level language study in one of seven languages: Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, or Turkish.

The Arabic Overseas Flagship provides an immersive overseas experience for undergraduate students enrolled at one of five US Flagship universities. The program helps participants develop superior proficiency in Arabic, a critical language to US competitiveness and security.

There is both a domestic and an overseas component to the program. The domestic component trains students to reach the language proficiency required for the overseas component in Menkes, Morocco. The overseas component in Morocco features formal language coursework, content-based courses, individualized tutorials, excursions, overnight trips, and homestays with Arabic-speaking families. Participants also benefit from extensive opportunities for professionally focused language development through regular university courses in their area of specialization, community service opportunities in the fall, and internships with local organizations during the spring.

Participating Flagship universities include: the University of Maryland, the University of Texas-Austin, Indiana University, the University of Arizona, the University of Oklahoma, Brigham Young University, and the University of Mississippi.

Funded by

The Language Flagship; additional funding is available through the Boren Awards


US college and university students enrolled in the Flagship program; see Flagship website for more detail