Partners - Program Sponsors

American Councils has been entrusted with over half a billion dollars in competitive grant awards from government agencies and charitable foundations.

Our annual operating budget is secured by competitive grant awards and charitable foundations. We provide greater access to educational opportunities across the globe thanks to funding from sources including the US Department of State, the US Department of Education, US Library of Congress, National Endowment for Humanities, Carnegie Corporation of New York, USAID, The Defense Language and National Security Education Office, and many foreign governments and their ministries of education.

Private donations help us provide additional support. That might be a suitcase for a student taking her first flight, a warm coat for graduate students who have never seen snow, or extra guidance for students from traditionally underrepresented groups. Donors from corporations and foundations and individual donors help make our mission a reality for thousands of our participants each year.

Our work is achieved through an ever-expanding network of schools, colleges, universities, and other institutional partners throughout the United States as well as and overseas. These partners share our commitment to advancing global education for students, educators, scholars, and professionals in 85 countries--and counting!