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Welcome to American Councils’ FLEX and YES Alumni Coordinators

September 27, 2021

Meet the 2021-2022 cohort of American Councils' Alumni Coordinators for the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program and the Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program! This diverse group of 32 exchange alumni represent 29 countries of Europe, Eurasia, and West Africa. Alumni Coordinators are American Councils’ staff members who serve as the primary connection between American Councils and the FLEX and YES alumni communities in their countries. This position also provides a unique professional development opportunity for the Coordinators themselves.

The goals of the FLEX and YES alumni programs are to maintain a long-term connection among program participants and to encourage them to organize and engage in activities that address the needs of alumni and their local communities. This provides alumni with the opportunity to build from the exchange year in the United States and continue to participate in activities related to community service, English language education, skills development, and professional networking. Alumni Coordinators support these goals by regularly sharing information about opportunities for alumni engagement, organizing activities for the alumni community, and supporting alumni in organizing their own activities.

Get to the know the 2021-2022 FLEX and YES Alumni Coordinators and hear more about their exchange experience in the United States, below.

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