Founded in 1974, The American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) is a professional membership association for American teachers of Russian language and literature. With more than 1,650 members, ACTR is dedicated to advancing the teaching of Russian through publications, programs, and conferences. In association with broader American Councils' initiatives, ACTR:

  • Publishes the internationally recognized scholarly journal, Russian Language Journal, now in its 57th year

  • Is the foremost and primary developer of Russian language textbooks in the United States

  • Organizes and implements a wide array of international exchange and training programs for high school students, undergraduates, graduate students, teachers, scholars and professionals.

  • Supports and maintains Russnet, the primary national internet based resources-sharing site for American students and teachers of Russian

  • Fosters contacts and exchange of ideas among Russian specialists from around the world through publications, programs, and conferences

  • Assists in the organization of high school Olympiadas of Spoken Russian throughout the U.S., officially recognizing participants, selecting students to represent the United States in international Olympiadas, and providing financial assistance for travel to international Olympiadas

  • Conducts the National Russian Essay Contest each fall, providing an opportunity for junior and senior high school students to measure their progress in written communication

  • Develops and maintains opportunities for the exchange of Russian-language teachers and students in secondary schools 

  • ACTR members receive four seasonal issues of the ACTR Letter, a professional newsletter of current professional news and an annual Directory of Members, containing addresses and telephone numbers of ACTR colleagues. 

Members are also eligible to participate in the following regular competitions for students: 

  • NPSREC (the National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest)

  • NREC (the National Russian Essay Contest) for secondary and middle school students

  • Olympiada of Spoken Russian for secondary and middle school students. 

  • Russian Scholar Laureate Program

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The American Councils for Collaboration in Education and Language Study (ACCELS) was created to expand the mission of the American Councils' brand to include educational activities outside of Russia, as well as to launch bilateral mobility programs between the U.S. and overseas destinations that were designed to enable the studying and teaching of English and other world languages.

The American Center for Education and Research (ACER) extends American Councils' mission by:

  • Fostering mutual understanding and learning across international lines by supporting and implementing, model education and research projects and institutions

  • Donating funds to national and/or international non-profit organization with similar organizations of the Corporation

  • Conducting lawful business and engage in any lawful act or activity consistent with Federal and State law, including the laws of the State of Delaware and the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as the same may be amended or supplemented(theCode) and such other laws governing not-for-profit, nonstick Delaware corporations exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c) (3) of the Code

A long-term partner of American Councils. ACET’s goal is to support international mobility of students and scholars by making available tests and systems so that students can pursue education and document their achievement on an international level. Across Eurasia, ACET administers a wide range of tests for educational and professional purposes. Academic tests, such as the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), SAT, GRE, GMAT, and many others, are taken by students who wish to enter U.S. educational institutions or want a credential of their academic achievements. Other exams administered include professional exams such as software and financial analyst certifications.

ACET provides testing-related services under contracts to a variety of professional and educational clients, including world-leading test providers. Tests are administered regularly, some in paper-based formats and others through online delivery systems in permanent and temporary testing centers. Learn more about ACET testing-related services here.

The American Councils Research Center (ARC) is the research arm of AC, which seeks to expand the pool of policy-relevant data and research available to decision-makers at all levels who are concerned with language in education and the workplace. ARC is distinguished from other research efforts by its focus on world languages: their acquisition, application, and relevance in today’s world.

ARC research addresses central issues in U.S. language policy with a global perspective to research and policy formation by providing data and new analyses related to language learning, including the impact of a second language on educational achievement and performance in the workplace. Further policy issues include: language acquisition and overseas immersion, domestic language immersion in K-12, heritage bilinguals and formal education, cognitive advantages of acquired bilingualism, and second language acquisition and literacy. ARC engages leading U.S. and international researchers and policy makers, as well as organizational partners and American Councils research staff, in the conduct of its research. ARC seeks to sponsor fellowships for U.S. and international fellows and engage in outreach activities for policymakers and the general public through publications and policy roundtables.