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By Shellie Karabell

Once upon a time, doing business abroad was unique: Berlitz and others published books on business etiquette for those venturing across the ocean, language books enabling you to order in a restaurant or to get you through a social encounter. And once upon a time, that was enough.

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By David Young, CEO, VIF International Education; Vice-Chair, P21

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This past year, we have seen the power of education transform the lives of our participants and, subsequently, the lives of people in their communities.

From Africa to Southeast Asia, here are their stories.

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This article was originally published in The Hill.

By Mouna Mana, Ph.D

December 18 marks World Arabic Day. Established by UNESCO in 2010 on the anniversary of Arabic’s establishment as an official language of the UN, the day celebrates the culture and people who speak it. Arabic is spoken by over 400 million people worldwide – and nearly one million Americans speak Arabic at home – the fastest growing second language in the United States.

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As we close the year in the wake of several tragedies spanning multiple countries and cultures, we are reminded of the urgency of our mission: to create informed global citizens who are prepared to tolerate ambiguity, practice mutual respect and appreciation, and feel empowered in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world.

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